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Hawt History

The Amelia EarHawts & Cabin Krewe formed in October 2014. Two of the original Hawts were members of the Krewe of Venus and missed parading. While having participated in other krewes and clubs, something was missing.

After much research and thought on how to reorganize, ideas surfaced including the popularity of marching groups. Instead of having only one parade day, why not have multiple parade days? After discussing different themes New Orleans transportation came to mind, including the Earhart Expressway: Amelia Earhart – wait, no, say it the New Orleans way – “Hiya HAWT!” With the reopening of the Lakefront Airport and Amelia Earhart's significant connection to it – she stayed there on her way to California to launch her final flight – this became our inspiration.

Boarding passes were issued in October 2014 and Da Hawts took off. Snappy tomato-red retro flight attendant costumes were located and fit. Surprisingly, gentleman callers arrived requesting membership, evolving into the “Cabin Krewe” of pilots, TSA agents, and stewards. And yes, we even have actual flight attendants among our members!

Press releases, correspondence with New Orleans parade krewe captains, and coverage in Arthur Hardy’s "Mardi Gras Guide" triggered a supersonic inaugural first year, with Da Hawts dancing in five parades for Mardi Gras in 2015: Cleopatra, King Arthur, Druids, Knights of Babylon and Okeanos. We made subsequent appearances at fundraisers and events, including Great Strides, Opera Ball, FestiGals, WYES Chocolate Sundae, and Krewe of Jingle.

In 2016we marched in the Cleopatra, King Arthur, Druids, Knights of Babylon, and Okeanos parades, as well as post-Mardi Gras appearances at the LA SPCA Howlin’ Success, Festigals, Anba Dlo, Krewe of Jingle, Angel’s Place, and Cystic Fibrosis Great Strides.

In 2017, we marched in the Cleopatra, King Arthur, Druids, and Babylon, and Iris parades, as well as post-Mardi Gras appearances at Girls on the Run, Leukemia and Lymphoma Man and Woman of the Year, Cystic Fibrosis Great Strides, Tulane Cancer Blue Doo, and Festigals.

In 2018, Da Hawts reached higher altitudes by performing in six Mardi Gras parades: Poseidon, Cleopatra, King Arthur, Druids, Knights of Babylon, and Iris. To date, Da Hawts have participated in fundraisers well post-Mardi Gras, making appearances at Girls on the Run and Cystic Fibrosis Great Strides, the FestiGals Step Up Second Line, and Tulane Cancer Blue Doo.

In 2019, Da Hawts rang in the New Year by participating in the Youth Music of the World parade in Rome, Italy.  Next stop included their debut on WWL Great Day Louisiana.  Our 2019 parade season and 5th year anniversary included the Krewe of Poseidon in Slidell and New Orleans parade kick off with Krewe of Cleopatra.  We led the incredible King Arthur parade including a stop along the avenue, with a presentation to the Grace family and Rex, School of design in front of the historic Grace House.  Next the Hawts participated in Druids and Knights of Babylon historic parades.  Their parade season concluded with Da Hawts leading the Krewe of Iris .  For the first time, Da Hawts were named New Orleans Mardi Gras 2019 “Best Marching Group” by Gambit.   Appearances and volunteer efforts to date include Raphael Academy “Soraparu Soiree”, Girls on the Run, and Cystic Fibrosis “Great Strides”.  New this year, Da Hawts will participate in the Krewe of Boo-Halfway to Halloween Dance Off along with their sixth appearance in FestiGals Second Line Stroll. Look for Da Hawts return flight in the Krewe of Boo and Krewe of Jingle parades.


Da Hawts are happy to continue parading in New Orleans and have one question …

“Can You Handle the Turbulence?”

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